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Your business's cashflow, on demand. 

monspire-m  Why Monspire

We are on a mission to empower business owners to focus on what they are best at by taking the pain out of managing finances. Analyse cashflow, access additional funding and take positive action through a single dashboard.

In a matter of minutes, Monspire helps companies see what funding is available to them. In just SIX clicks business owners can automate their cash forecasting and monitoring, enabling you to make better decisions around the growth of your business

Monspire Dashboard

monspire-m  Monspire in Action

A secret weapon for small businesses

“The Monspire software just takes care of everything, whether it's the monitoring transactions, whether it's actually the recurring forecast or expenses. I can just tune in every single day, look at the dashboards and that's all I have to do. And if there is a cashflow gap – we can fill it with funding from Monspire”

Adam Bush – CEO, Cleverly

82% of small business owners say a clearer view of cashflow forecasts would cause them less stress
59% of small business owners say cashflow is their #1 concern
80% of small businesses are 'scared' by big customer wins

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